Passage between University of Applied Sciences and Staudenhof

Recycling Utopia, 2006 

A hut build out of the paintings remaining

from the installation The New Town in Zamość

330 x 350 x 250 cm

Courtesy of the artists & European Art Projects

Foto: Krzysztof Zieliński / European Art Projects

Inside views

Photos: Carsten Eisfeld

Daniela Brahm (*1966, lives in Berlin) comes from painting, she has however

extended her work beyond the fixed limits of the canvas into the surrounding space.

In her installations she combines drawing and painting with typography

and sculptural elements. Again and again she concerns herself in her works

with late modernist forms of architecture and the city, combines living accommodation

of the 60's with anonymous, temporary or nomadic forms of building and life.

Her painting/sculpture in Zamość - The New Town - announces an invented

building site for ideal housing on a free area at the edge of the old town.

Out of the remains of this installation she has created a favela-like hut

for a passageway through the University of Applied Sciences building

to Alter Markt, Recycling Utopia.

Further information on Daniela Brahm

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