Entrance of the Old Town Hall at Alter Markt

Wall drawings for the Potsdam Town hall, 2006

pastel on wall

Courtesy of the artist & European Art Projects

Photos: Krzysztof Zieliński / European Art Projects

David Tremlett (*1945, lives in Bovingdon, Herts) creates spaces from fugitive

pastel crayons. His wall drawings respond to the volumes, rhythms

and proportions of existent architecture and comment on or reconstruct them,

in that they add autonomous structures to the spaces which through their

position either reawaken a lost architectural element or allow a new imaginary

architecture to appear. For Zamość he designed a drawing cycle for the thirteen

cartouches in the main space of the Renaissance synagogue. In Potsdam

he encompasses the entrance Rotunda of the old town hall with reduced

geometrical forms.

David Tremlett wall drawing for the Zamość synagogue

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