On the occasion of the exhibition Revolver Verlag presents an extensive
catalogue in a Polish-English version and a German-English version.
The catalogue includes texts on all participating artists by authors like Manuel
Borja-Villel, Luca Cerizza, Sebastian Cichocki, Mark Gisbourne, Brigitte Huck,
Martina Fuchs, Daniel Marzona, Kaja Pawełek, Anda Rottenberg, Susanne Titz
and four essential essays, dealing with the various aspects of the theme.
The exhibition curators Sabrina van der Ley and Markus Richter trace the
relationships between the history of concepts on the Ideal City and the visuals
arts, which quite often dedicate themselves explicitly to the ‚invisible cities’.
Kasha Bittner gives an overview on development, shape and history
of the city of Zamość and Jan Maruhn and Carsten Schmidt critically explore the
question whether Potsdam, the second venue, can also be referred to as an
‘Ideal City’. In another contribution Jan Maruhn confronts the two ‚classical’
Ideal Cities of late Modernism, Chandigarh and Brasilia with the plannings
of the Polish architect Oskar Hansen.

Ideal City – Invisible Cities
Editors: Sabrina van der Ley & Markus Richter
with a foreword by Anda Rottenberg
318 pages, 160 large format colour illustrations
Polish-English edition ISBN 3-86588-282-X
German – English edition ISBN 3-86588-266-8