Colin Ardley

Yorckstrasse (corner of Dortustrasse)

Folly for a forgotten future, 2006
Steel, Light, 5 x 17 x 7 m
Courtesy of the artist & European Art Projects
With generous support of FILIGRAN GROUP
Photos: Krzysztof Zieliński / European Art Projects

Night view
Photos: European Art Projects

Colin Ardley (*1954, lives in Dresden) moves within the boundary area of
sculpture, architecture and painting. Whilst his complex wall objects of wood and paper
are both fragile and space breaking, for the main market square in Zamość
he created a massive pyramid-like structure which worked with the symmetry
and dimension of the square. For Potsdam, the exhibition's second station
he has dissolved the equal pyramid-form in two symmetrical interconnected
and overlapping triangles which are connected by a wide laid stair
which is situated on a free triangular piece of ground at the end of the
reconstructed town canal. Here as there the sculpture reflects
the structure of the town.

Colin Ardley's Pyramid for Zamość
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