Poster (all over the town)

Untitled, 2001/2006

Poster, 84 x 60 cm

Courtesy of the artists & European Art Projects

Photos: Krzysztof Zieliński / European Art Projects

Jakob Kolding (* 1971, lives in Berlin) who grew up himself in a faceless suburb

of Copenhagen, makes the mechanisms and pitfalls of functional city-planning

the subject of his posters and collages. Although there is analytical criticism

it is obvious that the artist cannot escape the fascination of the spirit

of the modern and planned inner cities. His poster project for

Ideal City - Invisible Cities, which in Potsdam and previously in Zamość

was hung throughout the city, shows a skater, who with his skateboard

jumps over a grid-like Robert Morris sculpture. The poster's text asks

how inhabitants of a quarter are controlled and manipulated via

the interventions

of town planning.

Kolding installation in Schaufenster

Kolding posters in the public space of Zamosc

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