Between Karl Friedrich Schinkel's Nikolai church and

the 1970ties appartment house Am Alten Markt 10

Columbarium, 2006

Bricks, mortar, 6 m x 2.40 m Ø

With generous support of Wienerberger Ziegelindustrie

Courtesy of the artists & European Art Projects

Photos: Krzysztof Zielinski / European Art Projects

Lucas Lenglet (*1972, lives in Berlin) concerns himself in his installations

and objects with situations of threat and defence, aggression

and the need of protection. The disturbing narrative level lurks behind

a clear and extremely precise formal language. Camouflage nets, tank traps

and barriers are transformed into minimal sculptures, Molotov Cocktails

explode in exact glass cubes. For Ideal City - Invisible Cities he conceived

a 6 metre high brick tower, which takes its form from old dovecotes,

whilst the title Columbarium was in ancient Roman times a name for

the urn graves of the poor. In Zamość Lenglet erected his Columbarium

with bricks from the region in an inner courtyard. In Potsdam the location

for the dark baked bricks is a green spot near Alter Markt between

a block of flats and Schinkel's Nicolaikirche.

Installation views of Lucas Lenglet's Columbarium in Zamość

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