Performance at Alter Markt

Cress-coat performance, 1974/ 2006

Courtesy of the artist & European Art Projects

Photos: Carsten Hensel

Teresa Murak (*1949, lives in Warsaw) created as early as in the 1970's

sculptures made from soil and plants. Her works move in the area where

Land Art and performance cross. In these, strict geometric forms and organic,

natural material are brought into contrast. The rational structure of the utilitarian

defined city should be overlaid through the spiritual power of organics nature.

In Zamość the artist transformed the town plan into a soil and plant sculpture.

At the opening of the exhibition in Potsdam at Alter Markt, she gave a performance

wearing a cress-coat, which was originally seen in 1974 in Warsaw.

Teresa Murak earth sculpture in Zamość

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