Apartment in the residential building Schlosstrasse 9/9a

Idealne niewidoczne muzeum (Museum for ideal invisiblity)/

The four-dimensional Architect, 2006

Installation (sculpture, paintings, video)

Courtesy of the artists & European Art Projects

Photos: Krzysztof Zieliński / European Art Projects

Les Schliesser (*1964, lives in Berlin) addresses in his works the spaces

'in between', the 'incomplete', the 'unoccupied' white smudges of history

and memory. His fictitious architect Mikołaj Chrupowski, born in Zamość,

makes a short guest appearance in Potsdam. In a modest apartment

in Schlosstrasse 9 he has set up a camp in the fragments of his

Museum of Ideal Invisibility which in Zamość was at home in a lean-to

wooden shack. Whilst in the apartment witnesses of his collaboration

with the protagonists of modernism are to be seen, out of one of the windows

the inside protrudes into the outside and marks the presence of the 'driven'

architect and sculptor in the baroque building.

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