A dirty fountain, 2006

concrete, pump mechanism, water, pigments, 105 x 90 x 110 cm

Courtesy of the artists & European Art Projects

Photo: Krzysztof Zieliński / European Art Projects

Monika Sosnowska (*1972, lives in Warsaw) investigates in her sculptures,

installations and wall works architecture as an ordering system.

Her works provoke insecurity and irritation. For Ideal City - Invisible Cities

she designed an imperfect fountain for the perfect city. In an simple,

square format water basin on a concrete base slightly out of the vertical,

spouts dirty black water. In Zamość the sculpture with hidden meaning

stood on the Rynek Wodny, the water market, out of the way of the city's

attractive sides and Renaissance facades. In Potsdam the fountain is likewise

somewhat hidden placed in Staudenhof behind the building of the University

of Applied Sciences. On the concrete block of a small garden area

which has seen better times A Dirty Fountain appears self explanatory,

as if the sculpture had always stood there.

Other site specific installations in the same building complex:

Daniela Brahm, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Jarosław Fliciński,

Jacob Kolding, Lucas Lenglet, Lawrence Weiner